Therapy methods

Before any treatment, a careful anamnesis and examination will be taken. Ideally you come with a diagnosis of your vet. According to the results of this examination targets will be set and appropriate therapy methods will be applied with the utmost care.

The following techniques aim to restore muscle mass and function, normal movement, strength, reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and accelerate the rehabilitation process.


•  Relieving massage or muscle toning. A gentle massage increases the blood supply in the connective tissue, painful muscle contractions and hypertension can be reduced = less pain. In contrast, applying stronger and faster massage techniques the muscle tone can be increased and give a stimulation effect on the muscles for example after paralysis. Massages have a calming effect on nervous, anxious dogs and help to improve their body feeling.

•  Thermo cryo-ice therapies . Applied with warm bags, hotpacks, hot water bottle it reduces the pain and relaxes muscles. Coldpacks, icelollies, cold bandages with, for example, Arnica can reduce swelling and inflammation.

•  Passive movements and stretching. By carrying the weight, for example, of a hind leg, facilitating of movements is much easier and effective because of the limited muscular tonus. The therapist uses the relaxed muscles to recuperate the full range of movement of a joint, stretch the capsule around the joints = producing joint liquid, regaining flexibility and coordination after accidents, surgeries, degenerative diseases.

•  Manual therapy. Has the same effect as passive movements and stretching. But works especially well on joints, and helps to maintain and improve the joint play, and slow down degenerative processes of the cartilage.

•  Lymphatic drainage. Gentle wave-like manual manoeuvres activate lymph circulation, the body's immune system, which helps to reduce oedemas (swelling) of various origins and reduce pain. This technique is useful for relieving conditions like muscle hypertonus or for treating scars.

  Neurological treatments/paralysis. The main aim is to encourage the recuperation of limited or lost body functions, exercise reflexes and patterns, maintain or build up muscles. It encompasses a wide range of therapeutic techniques, like stimulating massages, stabilization exercises, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy..., which are applied in cases like hernias, cauda-equina syndrome, nerve lesions, after surgeries as rehabilitation.

 Vibrosphere. Combines vibration and balance which helps stimulate body functions, muscles, blood vessels and lymphatic metabolisms, and improves resistance. It is good for neurological treatments, rehabilitation after surgery, and for old dogs, helping them to maintain muscle strength and coordination.

 Laser therapy / Laser acupuncture. For stimulating acupuncture points, trigger points or treating injured skin / scars after surgery.

 Magnetic field treatments. To calm down nervous dogs during especially the first treatments, or to stimulate weak dogs, mainly assisting other therapy methods applied.

• Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Electroanalgesia, Electrostimulation. To reduce pain, swellings, inflammations processes, stimulate/activate muscle or nerves, increase blood supply in an injured area, support healing of connective tissue,...