Why dog physiotherapy?

" A dog can say more with a quick wag of its tail than many people who talk for hours ". Louis Armstrong


Did your dog have an accident which affected his mobility?

Does he suffer from a chronic disease and /or is he in pain because he has come into his 3rd age and he's not as agile?

Do you have the first time in your life a puppy and aren't sure how to support the optimum development of his physical health?

Or you simply want to say thank you for all the years your true friend spend with you and pamper him with a relaxing massage?


His mobility is his and our joy and quality of life.


Physiotherapy helps in conjunction with the veterinary service provided.

Between a human and a dog there are some anatomic and physiological differences, but the applied rules and therapies for physiotherapy are very similar. The main emphasis is the reduction of pain and the recuperation of joint flexibility.